Appreciation and Compassion Guarantee Success

At the base of the Himalayas, there is a bamboo forest in which many birds and
animals live.

One day, a strong wind made the bamboos scrape against each other, resulting in a
fire. The fire grew larger and some of the animals started to run away. A parrot flew
into the sky and could have escaped the forest fire. However, he loved the bamboo
forest where he grew up in and appreciated the forest for offering him shelter. In
addition, he could not bear seeing his companions suffer. Thus, he soaked his wings in a nearby pond and then flew into the sky to spread drops of water on the fire. He continuously repeated this seemingly ineffective action.

The compassion of the parrot and his sacrificial spirit moved God, God descended
from heaven and said to the parrot, "Your actions are praise-worthy. But how will you
extinguish the fire with the drops of water collected with your wings?" the parrot
answered, "Appreciation and compassion guarantee success."


In the end, God was moved and helped put out the fire. However, if there were
100,000 or one million parrots that simultaneously performed the same act, perhaps God's help would not have been necessary to extinguish the fire.
(Excerpted from Mr. Lin I-Hsiung's speech for the Chilin Foundation Establishment Ceremony on March 31, 1991)
The Chilin Foundation believes that "appreciation and compassion guarantee success" and hopes to encourage individuals who share our core value -- loving the land of Taiwan. Together, we can diligently maintain our beautiful motherland and resume our heart to purity and honesty. Perhaps, when there are millions of us gathering to work toward these goals, our action would move God, who might assist us to make Taiwan "The Garden of Earthly Delights."

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