Welcome to Chilin Education Foundation. Our visiting location is Chilin Culture Square, which includes
Chilin Educational Center, Chilin Memorial House, Chilin Annex, and Chilin Academy, which was built in 2020

We welcome groups and individuals to visit and advise. If you would like to book a tour, please inform us when reserving. 
Chilin Annex is a 5-level building: 1F is a space for special exhibitions and events; Part of 2F and 3F is the auditorium with tiered seating, which has 169 seats. The rest of 2F and 3F, plus 4F, is the Taiwan Democracy Movement Museum; 5F is the People's Art Museum. 

Chilin Academy is a 8-level building, including a basement. B1 and 1F is the Chilin Art Gallery; 2F and above is the Chilin School of Social Development.

Documents regarding reservations can be found by selecting and downloading the files in the dropdown menu below.

Please make a reservation using the application form below. Questions? Please contact us at 03-9650515#13 游小姐 during operating hours.

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