Memorial House
To commemorate the murders of Mrs. Lin Yu A-mei (林游阿妹), Liang-chun (林亮均), and Ting-chun (林亭均) on February 28th, 1980, the foundation converted the former Lin family residence into the Chilin Memorial House in 1993.  

The site is where Mrs. Lin Yu A-mei, at age twenty, married Mr. Lin Tung (林同), and raised her son and three daughters when she became a widow at age thirty-one. We have kept the original property. Everything, including the main hall, remains the same as it was in Taipei. The House incorporates characteristics of three distinctive eras, making it a 3-in-1 historical space. It displays funeral scrolls, elegies, and some personal belongings inside the house.

Since 2002, the Yilan County goverment has recognized the House for its historical significance and Minnan architectural style.
Chilin Educational Center
The Chilin Educational Center was established in 1994. The base is 660 square feet large, and the total area is 2,772 square feet large.
Chilin Library
Located in 1F of the Luotong Train Station (front), the Chilin Library began operating on January 20, 2011. Please utilize the library as much as you can! We sincerely appreciate book donation so that more people get the chance to read quality books.
Chilin Story Room
Located in 5F of the Chilin Educational Center. We use images and texts, sometimes accompanied by the actual objects, to present stories of Chilin over the past three decades to the visitors and demonstrate, with kindness, how we have come this far. At the same time, these artifacts become valuable data for Chilin to keep.
Open to the public on Mother's Day of 2015, the Chilin Annex is 1,092m2 large for the base, and has the total of 5 levels (2,541m2 large).

1F is an open area for holding special exhibitions. It is currently displaying artist Chen Lai-Hsing (陳來興) "Kindness, Hope, Love" and "Rabi's Gift" and artist Hsiao Fu-Jung's (蕭芙蓉) "Oyster Seller's Wife" and other works. Occassionally, there will be special exhibitions of various themes.

Part of 2F and 3F is the Chilin Auditorium. The Auditorium is known for its stage background, in which you will see the Lin Resident (i.e., the Chilin Memorial House) being incorporated in the overall stage design.

The rest of 2F and 3F, and the entire 4F is the Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum.

5F is the Chilin Art Gallery.

When the weather is nice, we encourage you to visit the roof, where you can see Turtle Island (龜山島) and the splendid Lanyang Plain (蘭陽平原) on the one side, and the Chilin buildings on the other side.

The exterior of the Chilin Annex is built with tiles and gage bricks. The floors of the hallway and the plaza are made of sip stones, and the floor indoor is made of millstones. There are 325m2 of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, which provides 20% of electricity used at Chilin. The designer has shaped Chilin into a graceful environment that goes in concert with the natural surroundings.

Auditorium|Art Museum
Chilin Auditorium
Located on 2F and 3F of the Chilin Annex, the Chilin Auditorium has tiered seating of 178 seats. It is designed to hold performances, such as speech, concert, dance, and play. We hope that visitors can acquire happiness, inspiration, and peace through attending such events.

This cozy auditorium not only creates a space for interactions between performers and audiences, but incorporates the Lin Residence (i.e., Chilin Memorial House) as the stage background, merging the outdoor scenery and the indoor devise. Both sides of the stage serve as the extension of the tiles outside, which creates an atmosphere similar to an environmental theater

Chilin Art Museum
I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. - Vincent Willem van Gogh 1853-1890

Since the founding of Chilin, many friends of Chilin have been donating artworks that they created and collected. To show and spread our appreciation, 5F of the Chilin Annex is set up as the Chilin Art Museum to display Chilin friends' donations. We hope that, after your visit to the Chilin Art Museum, you would be inspired to start creating arts of your own. Perhaps, your arts would generate a warm atmosphere in daily life that beautify your soul. 

Calligraphy Gallery|Garden
Chilin Calligraphy Gallery
Located in the basement of the Chilin Culture and Education Center, the Chilin Calligraphy Gallery has the permanent exhibition of calligraphers Chen Yun-Cheng's (陳雲程), Kang Yan-Chiuan's (康灩泉) and his descendents', and Wu Ji-Ru's (吳季如) collections. It is also a place to display the calligraphy arts granted by the Chilin's donors over years.
Chilin Memorial Garden
The Chilin Memorial Garden is located in the mountain between Yilan and Taipei, facing Lanyang Plain (蘭陽平原). Traveling north from Yilan through Lanyang Plain and the Taipei-Yilan Highway, you will see the path leading to the main entrance of the Garden.
Democratic Movement Museum
Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum
Established in 2002, the Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum presents the harsh history of the Taiwanese people pursuing democracy over the course of a hundred years. Through the exhibition, we hope that our visitors will recognize: Despite difficulties, or even sacrifices, while pursuing democracy, persistent faith and consistent hard work are what make the ideal come true. The Museum was initially set on 3F and 4F of the Chilin Educational Center. Since May 2015, it has been reset to the Chilin Annex.
Taiwan Social Movement Archives Center
After years of preparing and collecting data, Chilin established the Taiwan Social Movement Archives Center in 1998. The Archives Center provides a space for researchers, social movement workers, and the general public to learn about and study social movements in Taiwan, which makes itself significant. We also established the permanent exhibition, "Taiwan Social Movements" so that visitors can learn more about Taiwan's social development over the decade.