To provide a channel to learn outside the classroom for all students, teachers, and schools in Taiwan, Chilin provides several free tours to Chilin Museums and Galleries. We would like to take our visitors to a journey that touches on life, history, and democracy. Teachers and instructors, it is time to reserve a special gift for your students!

For schools/students in Yilan, we will provide free transportation and tour. For schools/students outside Yilan, we also provide subsidy for transportation and free accomodation.

Documents regarding reservations can be found by selecting and downloading the files in the dropdown menu below.

Please make a reservation using one of the application forms below. Questions? Please contact 游小姐 at 03-9650515#13 during operating hours.

enlightenedApplication Form for Yilan Schools/Students

enlightenedApplication Form for Yilan Graduates
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enlightenedApplication Form for Schools/Students Outside Yilan
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