Mission, Purpose, & Values
In March 1991, Mr. Lin I-hsiung (林義雄) and Ms. Fang Su-min (方素敏) together with their relatives and close friends, established the Chilin (Tsunah) Education Foundation. They hoped that the people of Taiwan could come together as a whole and contribute themselves for Taiwan's future.

We believe:
The human heart determines the happiness, peace, and harmony of the world. Reliving suffering and distress is not the responsibility of Bodhisattva, and paradise is not a gift from above. Deliverance from suffering and distress requires the constant polishing and elevation of one’s spiritual being, which can be accomplished through cultural and educational pursuits.

Based upon the above beliefs, in 1994, the foundation built the Chilin Educational Center, which incorporates the Chilin Academy, Taiwan Social Movement Archives Center, and Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum. These aim to expand people’s spiritual view, enhance critical thinking, and enrich reflection through experience.

The Chilin Academy was established to expand the minds and vision of the citizens by providing a place and opportunities for advanced research and study. We hope to establish a society based on life-long learning, to encourage the continual growth of the people’s wisdom. The Chilin Academy sponsors activities including Chilin Youth Leadership Camp, Social Development Workshop, Political Leaders Workshop, Taiwanese Cultural Camp, International Youth Taiwan Cultural Tour, Chilin Lecture Series, Book Fair, I-Lan Intellectual Tour, Chilin Choir, Study Group, Japanese classes, and Chilin Concerts. 

The main function of the Taiwan Social Movement Archives Center is to systematically gather and preserve documents related to social groups and movements in Taiwan. The Center preserves and manages a record of Taiwan’s social movements, and is a library dedicated to Taiwan studies.

The Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum displays the history of Taiwan’s democratic movement and archives records of the movement’s past one hundred years. The museum aims to deepen and strengthen democratic values through education.

To commemorate the murders of Mrs. Lin Yu A-mei (林游阿妹), Liang-chun (林亮均), and Ting-chun (林亭均), the foundation converted the former Lin family residence into the Chilin Memorial House in 1993. The site is where Mrs. Lin Yu A-mei, at age twenty, married Mr. Lin Tung (林同), and raised her son and three daughters when she became a widow at age thirty-one. It displays funeral scrolls, elegies, and some personal belongings inside the house. Yilan County has recognized the Hall for its historical significance and Minnan architectural style.
At the base of the Himalayas, there is a bamboo forest in which many birds and animals live.

One day, a strong wind made the bamboos scrape against each other, resulting in a fire. The fire grew larger and some of the animals started to run away. A parrot flew into the sky and could have escaped the forest fire. However, he loved the bamboo forest where he grew up in and appreciated the forest for offering him shelter. In addition, he could not bear seeing his companions suffer. Thus, he soaked his wings in a nearby pond and then flew into the sky to spread drops of water on the fire. He continuously repeated this seemingly ineffective action.

The compassion of the parrot and his sacrificial spirit moved God, God descended from heaven and said to the parrot, "Your actions are praise-worthy. But how will you extinguish the fire with the drops of water collected with your wings?" the parrot answered, "Appreciation and compassion guarantee success."

In the end, God was moved and helped put out the fire. However, if there were 100,000 or one million parrots that simultaneously performed the same act, perhaps God's help would not have been necessary to extinguish the fire.

(Excerpted from Mr. Lin I-Hsiung's speech for the Chilin Foundation Establishment Ceremony on March 31, 1991)

The Chilin Foundation believes that "appreciation and compassion guarantee success" and hopes to encourage individuals who share our core value -- loving the land of Taiwan. Together, we can diligently maintain our beautiful motherland and resume our heart to purity and honesty. Perhaps, when there are millions of us gathering to work toward these goals, our action would move God, who might assist us to make Taiwan "The Garden of Earthly Delights."
"Tsu" means to bless and give happiness to the masses, such as kindness, mercifulness, and affection.
"Nah" is where many people or things gather, such as a bamboo forest, a steles forest, and a forest of noblemen.
Tsu-nah means a place where a gathering of compassionate people work together to create a more peaceful society.

The history of a great nation and its people is made of countless and nameless individuals.
Despite their contributions seeming insignificant, they never ask for anything in return. They sow seeds and cultivate them restlessly not because they wish to keep the fruits for themselves, but they wish that their offspring can enjoy the fruits.
With them working patiently and anonymously, the life of a great nation and its people can develop sustainably.

We deeply believe that a lively and spectacular nation is surely a creation by these nameless individuals and their blood, sweat and tears. In order to develop such creation, the people of the nation have a soul that carries kindness, hope, and love.

Moreover, to cultivate a soul like this, it takes centuries of torture and enhancement. A great number of Taiwanese pioneers made selfless contributions to achieve these goals. They never defined their success or failure by merely looking at what they have done for themselves or how others viewed them. They relentlessly engaged in works that would upgrade the quality of the nation and of its people. We hope that we can follow them and carry on their principles, leaving a meaningful, though minor, influence to society.

Although our contributions seem trivial, they became possible all thanks to the individuals who have been involved and worked hard for Chilin. This is the reason why our foundation is called "Tsunah." We genuinely hope that individuals who share the same values and good intentions can join us.
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